What Do We Offer

We propose to our industrial clients not to be merely suppliers, but to control the whole circuit: from production to sales.

  • Through our networks of Purchasing Managers, Import Directors of large international groups, executives of major import-export companies, we develop new markets for manufacturers in Europe, North and West Africa, and Turkey.
  • We assist them, depending on their needs on: Marketing and Commercial strategy and Recruitment. We organize business trips to show the potential of our clients internationally.
  • We identify target companies for: Joint Venture or Corporate Buy-Out.
  • We are setting up a relocation of part of the production in the target markets.

How Do We Offer

We propose 5-year accompanying plans, a step by step support:


  1. international strategy
  2. business intelligence and identification of prospects
  3. local b2b marketing
  4. b2b lead generation with qualified prospects
  5. country manager recruitment
  6. business development coaching
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International Business  Marketing  Strategy

Communication   Entrepreneurship

Recruiting   Fundraising


Driving International Sales Growth for Manufacturers

Companies don’t succeed as ‘accidental exporters.’  Profitable global sales are built on a strategy rather than opportunistic transactions. Actual, on-the-ground business management experience in developed, emerging & frontier markets is critical to framing an effective and implementable initiative. And equally important are realistic expectations for timetable, cost, outcomes and value of international sales.

But discussions about the finance of international sales growth should explore strategic opportunities to benefit the business. Too many companies take poor or average domestic marketing….and translate it.  And the predictable outcome is ridicule and minimal sales. But great digital marketing is the foundation for both robust domestic business growth and effective international marketing.  

Manufacturing companies are expert at managing the bottom line. The top line is often left to chance.  That’s risky as globalization and technology change buying habits and market conditions.

We work with management at manufacturing companies to reach these outcomes:

Understand who will buy, why & how

Increase activity & revenue

Map global market opportunities

Develop repeatable, scalable processes

Identify barriers to growth & quantify the impact

Create a revenue growth culture

We use workshops and coaching mainly. Our success is built on the empathy and insight acquired running similar companies, strategic vision.