What is Photovoltaic (Pv)?

What is Photovoltaic (Pv)?

What is Photovoltaic (Pv)?

Photovoltaic is the abbreviated use of photovoltaic solar cells. PV used in many fields. In solar energy systems, solar photons falling on them are used to convert the rays directly into electrical energy.

Why is Photovoltaic (Pv) Preferred?

  • Economic

  • Trustworthy

  • Free and endless as its source is the sun

  • Does not require maintenance and repair.

  • Can be placed anywhere conveniently.

  • Does not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere

  • Decreases carbon gas emissions

  • Nature friendly

What are the Types of Photovoltaic Energy Systems?

There are 2 types :

Off-Grid Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems:  Off-Grid photovoltaic systems are generally used where there is no electricity grid. In the Off-Grid solar energy system, the electricity produced by the solar panels is regulated by the charge controller and stored in the batteries, and this electricity stored in the batteries as DC is converted into AC electricity by means of an inverter. Its main parts are solar panel, battery pack, charge controllers and inverters.

On-Grid Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems: On-Grid photovoltaic solar energy systems are solar power plants. Because the electricity produced by solar energy is converted into AC electricity and sold to the grid. Main elements: Solar panels, Inverter, bidirectional counters and datalogger

Basic Elements of Photovoltaic Energy Systems

  • Solar Panel

  • Charge Controller

  • Batteries

  • Inverter


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