Internalization for a company aims to develop its market by exporting its activity internationally in order to increase its market share and its turnover.  

It is an integral part of the key factors of success because it gives access to other markets which can be a major business opportunity and therefore allow economic growth. 
For an existing business model, the first step is to see if there is a market in the target country. For this, the first crucial step in the internationalization of a company is to conduct a market study. Most of the time, a product/service that works in country A will not necessarily work in the same way in country B. Some adaptation is necessary on the product/service, its distribution model, etc.. It is, therefore, necessary to adapt the marketing strategy to the target country.
Thanks to its wide-ranging expertise in different business sectors (in particular innovative, industrial, and retail companies), Aizen offers you turnkey solutions for all stages of your internationalization process on 3 continents; Europe, Asia, and Africa.
We are able to make prototypes, obtain patents in the target country, build the brand strategy, develop the distribution/sales networks, and sometimes, when necessary, find target companies to buy and/or partners to accelerate our clients' international growth. 

Our expertise : 

  • Marketing and Sales: Market research, business development
  • Legal and Accounting: Company creation and auditing ...
  • Technical: Development of prototypes, and technical studies via local design offices. 
  • Human Resources: Understanding the local culture, management, and recruitment.