Being the world's second most populous nation, India is well known for its huge market. The Indian manpower is educated and talented. India is an endless source of raw materials. It is an industrial country. It has plenty of incentives to push firms to become global. For instance, Exim India is very powerful. It is a developing country in which the middle class is also developing. The country has recently decided to invest heavily in the development of it infrastructure in rural areas and has focused on developing its industrial sector by attracting foreign capital.

This decision is a part of the “Make in India” initiative: The government wants to set up ”industrial corridors and smart cities”. In concrete terms, the government plans to repair, or build new airports, highways, schools and hospitals.

Among the leading sectors of India

  • Technology and telecom: India's mobile phone payment system is one of the best in the world. It is widely a spread over the country. In fact, more than a billion Indians use mobile phones. It is the ideal country to invest in tech, especially on mobile phone apps, mobile internet, cloud tech, or digital payment.
  • The automotive industry: The automotive industry is also a part of the Make in India plan. Indians are car-lovers, the automotive industry represents $260 billion.
  • The textile and fashion industry: Thanks to its abundance in raw materials for the fabrics, Indian textile and fashion industries are promising sectors, specially in major cities.
  • Last but not least, the healthcare sector is foreseen to be a key business area in the coming years. With such a huge population size, India sets up the means to take care of elderly inhabitations.

Practical information about India

  • CAPITAL CITY: New Delhi
  • LEADER: Narendra Modi (Prime Minister)
  • POPULATION: 1.339 billion inhab.
  • AREA: 3,287 million km
  • LANGUAGES: Mostly English and Hindi but there are plenty of other languages all over India.
  • CHANGE: Rupee
  • GDP GROWTH: 7,17% in 2017
  • UNEMPLOYMENT: 3,53% in 2018

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