About Us

Established in Paris in 2011, Aizen Consulting is dedicated to guiding businesses as they expand into international markets. We specialize in providing comprehensive support in business development, sales management, strategy formulation, and HR recruitment.

With a presence on three continents—Asia (Middle East), Europe, and Africa—we maintain offices in Paris, Istanbul, and Dakar. Our primary focus is on assisting startups, emerging entrepreneurs, and industrial firms seeking to expand their presence globally. Our goal is to facilitate the growth of your company beyond borders, enabling it to flourish on the international stage.

Our Market Entry process encompasses a wide range of services, including marketing, legal advice, HR support, M&A assistance, manufacturing, and business development. With consultants located in India, Portugal, and Morocco, and offices in France, Senegal, and Turkey, we are well-equipped to support your international expansion endeavors.


Our Values

Driving Impact Through Innovation:  We partner with forward-thinking companies to build a better future, fostering innovation that makes a difference.

Solutions Tailored for Success: We are deeply invested in understanding your vision, providing customized strategies for long-term success.

Agility in a Changing World: We embrace a dynamic mindset, fueled by creativity, passion, and an unwavering commitment to continuous learning.

Strategic Collaboration: We bring enthusiasm and expertise to shape and market your ideas, transforming your vision into tangible results.


Why working with us?

By selecting Aizen Consulting as your partner, you're opting for a distinctive fusion of human intuition and cutting-edge technology, dedicated to driving your company's success. Beyond merely facilitating market entry, we collaborate closely with our clients to enhance their positioning in international markets. Leveraging our expertise, data-driven problem-solving approaches, and robust risk management strategies, we empower you to navigate even the most complex market landscapes with confidence and precision. Choose Aizen Consulting for a transformative journey towards global expansion and sustainable growth.