About Us

Aizen Consulting was founded in Paris in the year 2011 with the idea of accompanying businesses on their entry into the international markets, by providing support in business development, sales management, strategy development, and HR recruitment.

We operate on three continents across the globe: Asia (the Middle East), Europe, and Africa. There is an Aizen Consulting office in Paris, Istanbul, and Dakar. Our focus is on start-ups, upcoming entrepreneurs, and industrial companies with no experience growing their business on the international front. We want to help you make your company blossom with a growth that transcends borders.


Our Values

We understand that the business world is changing and we want to help your firm evolve with it. We keep innovation at the core of all our activities. We want to help innovative companies build a better future. We value creativity, passion, and continuous desire to learn and improve. We have an enthusiasm for learning about shaping, setting up, and marketing your innovations and ideas.


Why working with us?

Choosing Aizen consulting as your partner, you are choosing a unique blend of human insight and technology, serving towards your company's success. We go beyond opening doors; we work alongside our clients to optimize their entry into international markets. We guide you to navigate through challenging markets, thanks to our expertise, our science-based problem- solving methods, and our risk management strategies.