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Senegal is one of the most economically and politically stable countries of the region. It is a highly promising developing countries, in which a middle class in emerging. Its geographical position is strategic for international trade. Also, Senegal maintains strong ties with Western European countries. The production cost is competitive and the labor force is qualified. Senegal is a paradise for foreign investors. Being a member of WAEMU (West African Economic and Monetary Union) and ECOWAS (Economic Community of West Africa), Senegal is a heavyweight in the regional economy.

Among the leading sectors of Senegal

  • Green Energy Industry : On the one hand, poor energy supply is a major obstacle to Senegal's economic growth. About half of the inhabitants of rural areas still do not have electricity. The country plans to promote the integration of alternative energy sources, especially from solar energy. On the other hand, hydropower plants and water treatment plants must also be built to meet the needs of the entire population. Senegal is the ideal territory to install solar panels.
  • Infrastructure Industry : Several public and private construction projects in the Greater Dakar region bring complete order books to construction companies and their suppliers. This situation should continue for some time, as the capital is growing quite fast and many actions will be taken to ensure that the infrastructure is adapted to the growth of the city.
  • International Trade : the importation sector in Senegal is booming. Dakar has the second largest port in West Africa, and as a hub for intercontinental air traffic, it also offers very good conditions for engaging in the region.
  • The Telecommunication Industry : With the evolution of the telecommunications sector, Senegal has become one of the most important countries of South-North outsourcing. Currently, there are three mobile service providers and thanks to the Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Agency, the country has an independent supervisory authority for the sector since 2001.

Practical information about Senegal


LEADER : Macky Sall

POPULATION : 16.74 million inhab.

AREA : 196.712 km²

LANGUAGES : French, Diola, Malinké, Pular, Sérère, Soninké, Wolof


GDP GROWTH : 6.1% in 2021

UNEMPLOYMENT : 24.5% in 2021