Aizen Consulting has an office in Paris, France.

Why Western Europe?

Aizen Consulting works across Europe, specifically in France and Germany. Aizen Consulting is born in Paris, France.

When it comes to trade, France and Germany are the most powerful countries of Europe. They complete each other: France is the reference for the luxury industry and Germany is the reference in terms of heavy industry and technology.

Both countries have Europe's best universities, a highly educated population and a strong will to innovate. They are at the center of the European Union.

France has now become Europe’s second most attractive country to investors.

Among the leading sectors of France:

  • Luxury: LVMH, Loreal, Kering and Hermes: these four French French brands alone account for a quarter of the sales made by the 100 largest companies in the luxury sector. 
  • Clean Technology: French is a great support of clean technology. It has created a label for it. French clean technology is highly encouraged by the government.
  • Automobile industry : The automotive industry has always been an important driver of the French economy. Indeed, France is one of the pioneering nations in the automotive sector, particularly thanks to iconic brands such as Citroën, Peugeot and Renault.
  • Gastronomy : French’s gastronomy is known worldwide. French wine and food-related businesses are flourishing. It’s always a good time to invest in the French “Art de vivre”.

Some practical information about France

LEADER : Emmanuel Macron


POPULATION : 66,99 millions

AREA : 643 801km2


CHANGE: Euro €

GDP GROWTH : 7% in 2021

UNEMPLOYMENT : 7.9% in 2021