Portugal is a member state of the European Union, is located in southwestern Europe, and has a population of 10.31 million. Portugal’s capital city is Lisbon, its strategic location has turned it into one of the most influential cities due to its domination of the Atlantic. Portugal is led by Marcelo Rebelo De Sousa who took office on March 9, 2016. It is a politically stable country with a left-wing government, a Socialist Party.

Since 1974, Portugal has been among the top developed countries to have a high human development index. 
Portugal appears to be a place that is secure, away from geopolitical conflicts, attached to Europe, and offering an excellent quality of life. The population consists of a largely homogeneous Mediterranean community, with a minority of people of various origins (Brazil, Cape Verde, England, Romania, etc..), many of whom emigrated during decolonization. 
In addition to attracting retirees seeking peace and tax benefits, Portugal also attracts entrepreneurs. In 2015, the unemployment rate was around 12.4%, and today, despite the various crises including the Covid-19 Pandemic, the unemployment rate in Portugal has fallen to 5.7% (compared to 7.62% in March 2021). The unemployment rate continues to decline, which allows the economy to record strong growth.

Best investments in Portugal :

  • Real estate, the reliability of investment in stone

  • Agriculture, a very promising sector 

  • Tourism, a safe sector with a future

  • Agribusiness, an important industry for the economy

  • Electronics, a technological sector with great potential

  • NTIC, an innovative sector in constant progression

  • Wine, a Portuguese tradition that bears fruit

  • Renewable energies, which contribute to sustainable development 

  • Fishing, a major economic activity in the country

  • Crypto-currencies, a well-known virtual currency in Portugal

  • Biotechnology, an innovative sector

  • Portuguese forestry, investing in a dynamic sector

  • Raw materials, investing in lithium for example

Practical informations :

CAPITAL : Lisboa

LEADER : Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

POPULATION : 10.31 millions

AREA : 92 212 km²

LANGUAGES : Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Mirandese

CHANGE : Euro €

GPD GROWTH : 4,9% (2021)

UNEMPLOYEMENT : 6,6% (2021)