Aizen Consulting has an office in Istanbul, Turkey. Our Istanbul office is specialized in both the fields of business development and international trade.

Why Türkiye?

Turkey is an industrialized country of almost 80 millions of inhabitants. Thanks to its history and its geographical position, Turkey is the link between the European and the Asian continent. It now aspires to connect with the African continent as well. Turkey represents one and a half time France’s area.

Many startups in the fields of Technologies, innovations, and information have managed to grow internationally. We can also observe this success in some classical industries such as the textile field.

Turkish firms are very proactive in engaging internationally. It is the world’s second country to take international construction projects after China and before the USA.

Among the leading sectors of Türkiye

Infrastructures, construction : In less than twenty years, Turkey has become the major player in the Near and Middle East in this sector. Its “always on the rise” domestic market and its know-how allows it to act alone or in partnership when it is necessary.

Textile : With around 60,000 companies, employing nearly two million people, the textile sector occupies a central place in the Turkish economy. Exporting nearly 65% of its production, Turkey has made it one of its main export items. The world's 5th largest exporter of textile products and the 7th largest exporter of ready-to-wear garments, Turkey is the EU's second largest supplier of textile products and the third largest for ready-to-wear garments.

Renewable Energy : Turkey is known for having a great potential in renewable energies, especially in wind energy. The country has very ambitious plans in that field.

Health : This sector continues to offer significant potential. Indeed, not only the wealthy of Turkey, but also the wealthy citizens of Iraq, Syria, Azerbaijan, Central Asia, or even Africa, find in Turkey a private hospital infrastructure and services of a good level, at comparatively reasonable prices, without major administrative barriers to entry. There is a demand for most advanced medical technologies (oncology, cell therapy, etc.).

Practical information about Türkiye


LEADER : Recep Tayyip Erdogan

POPULATION : 84.66 millions

AREA : 783 562m2


CHANGE: New Turkish Lira

GDP GROWTH : 11% in 2021

UNEMPLOYMENT : 13.1% in 2021