Dynamic Portuguese startups

Dynamic Portuguese startups

1. Technology and Software:

  • OutSystems: A low-code development platform for rapidly building and deploying applications.

  • Talkdesk: A cloud-based contact centre platform providing customer service and support solutions.

2. E-commerce and Retail:

  • Farfetch: An e-commerce platform connecting customers with luxury fashion boutiques and brands globally.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Data:

  • DefinedCrowd: A data science company offering high-quality training data for AI and machine learning.

4. Language and Communication:

  • Unbabel: AI-powered translation services to improve customer support and communication.

5. Mobile Applications:

  • Aptoide: An alternative app store for Android devices, providing a decentralised and open platform.

  • Hole19: A mobile app for golfers offering course information, score tracking, and social features.

6. Healthcare and Medtech:

  • Sensei: Working on innovative healthcare solutions, including remote monitoring and diagnostics.

7. Cybersecurity:

  • Jscrambler: Providing cybersecurity solutions to protect web applications from tampering and code theft.

8. Services Marketplace:

  • Zaask: A platform connecting consumers with local service professionals for various tasks and services.