France is the Place to be

France is the Place to be

France is the ideal location.

Why Investing in a Company in France is the Way to Go?

Economic booms and crashes are felt on a global scale, and this has been happening for over 50 years. Every country and every continent are connected through an endless stream of web-based resources, leading to the global economy we enjoy today. However, some markets have dwindled over the years, while others have striven. Out of all countries in the world, France has proven to be a leader in the business world, which has led many leading companies to call the country home. Here are just a few of the reasons why so many are flocking to France and why the country is currently the go-to spot for virtually any type of business imaginable.

Location, Location, Location

A business’s location is key to its success. Companies rely greatly on their business location, even though we live in an increasingly web-based business economy. France’s location has proven to be ideal for most business ventures, as it maintains an extensive coastline for transporting goods from neighbouring countries and more distant avenues such as America.

For those who wish to remain primarily on land, France also offers easy access to many different countries. France’s location sits on the west coast of Europe, and its borders are shared with six countries. Luxembourg and Belgium are found to the north, while Switzerland and Germany are to the east. Occupying the southern border are Italy and Spain. The orientation toward these business-minded countries offers growth potential and provides easy access to all of Europe.

Acceptance of Foreign Companies

Countries vary greatly in their acceptance level of foreign-born companies. Some countries greatly tax and restrict new businesses from entering the country, while others welcome them with open arms. France seems to be in the latter category, as they encourage foreign companies to invest in the country’s business world through incentives and a more relaxed atmosphere for company start-ups. According to the Investment Promotion Agency in France, "foreign entities have the right to establish and own enterprises and engage in all forms of remunerative activity."

In 2016 alone, France targeted 47 specialised industrial sectors in order to develop the next generation of technology-based equipment. Tech-based companies were encouraged to allow France to be the birthplace of the next generation of high-speed trains, electric passenger planes, electric cars, low-emission ships, and long-lasting batteries. In the business world, France is at the top of the list for accepting new businesses.

Long-Term Thinking

When starting your own business, the first thought is never, "I hope this lasts a year or two," but a keen look into the future for a long-lasting investment. Owners get into business with the intention of making a fortune and eventually retiring well, leaving a strong, stable company for future generations.t is not often that a country thinks along the exact same lines. France is different than most countries and has therefore implemented mandates that conform to the times and produce a long-term solution for a growing problem. 


Pollution has long been an issue in countries all over the world and recently, green technology has come into focus as a means of reducing the impact humans have on their environment. Recently, France has implementing a policy requiring all new companies and buildings to provide a level of green technology. Businesses in France are routinely making an effort to afford more buildings with solar panels and set apart green spaces to assist with environmental concerns. Investing in green technology is always a plus for a business and France makes it easy to do so.

An Educated Workforce

The backbone of any company lies with its employees and an employee’s level of education plays heavily on their ability to be a productive member of a team. France is devoted to educating their citizens and therefore invests an average of 5.8% more into their public education systems than comparable G20 countries. This level of commitment to education has proven to be a multi-faceted entity as French employees tend to be substantially more productive than their counterparts in other countries. 

Apart from a highly educated workforce, companies can expect tax credits of up to 30% of R&D costs from the government, meaning that increased production and an investment in the country are more than worth the effort. As a bonus for being an educated country, a substantial amount of citizens are bilingual which will lead to an avenue into other foreign markets as well.

Where your business is started will weigh heavily on how successful it is. An investment in France’s thriving economy is one that is sure to pay off. In a country of over 66 million people, and growing annually, your business will never have short-educated and unwilling employees.