Swift Company Formation in Türkiye: Aizen Consulting Ensures Ease

Swift Company Formation in Türkiye: Aizen Consulting Ensures Ease

Establishing your company in Turkey involves navigating through various intricate steps and procedures. At Aizen Consulting, we understand that this process can be overwhelming, and that's why we're here to offer you comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs. 

Let's walk through the formation guide together, and I'll show you how our dedicated project team, comprising a skilled lawyer, an experienced accountant, and a strategic business consultant, is ready to assist you at every crucial juncture:

Determine Business Structure:

Imagine sitting down with our dedicated project team to decide on the most suitable business structure for your dreams – whether it's an LLC, a joint-stock company, or a branch office.

Choose a Business Name:

We'll help you pick a distinctive and acceptable business name. We'll ensure it's available through the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette.

Prepare Articles of Association:

Crafting the blueprint for your dream company is like creating the perfect recipe. Our skilled lawyer will help you draft and notarize the articles of association, ensuring everything aligns with your company's internal regulations.

Notarize Documents:

Picture this: our team, including a dedicated lawyer, ensures all your essential documents are notarized at a Turkish notary public for that extra layer of legal authenticity.

Deposit Capital:

Our experienced accountant will guide you through the process of depositing the required share capital in a Turkish bank, tailored specifically to your business structure.

Obtain Tax Number:

Getting your company's tax passport is crucial. Our team will assist you in obtaining a tax number from the local tax office – a crucial requirement for various official transactions.

Register with the Trade Registry:

Submitting all necessary documents to the Trade Registry Office can be daunting, but our project team will manage the process seamlessly, ensuring a smooth registration experience.

Obtain an Operating Licence:

Navigating additional licences or permits for specific business activities might sound complex, but with our strategic business consultant, we'll ensure your business is fully compliant.

Register with the Social Security Institution (SGK):

Our team will streamline the registration of your company and employees with the Social Security Institution, ensuring you adhere to social security regulations.

Register with the Chamber of Commerce:

Unlocking opportunities for networking and enhanced business services is like joining a valuable club. Our project team will assist in registering your company with the local Chamber of Commerce.

Open a Business Bank Account:

Our dedicated project team, including the skilled lawyer and experienced accountant, will guide you through the hassle-free process of opening a corporate bank account.

Fulfil Ongoing Compliance Requirements:

Staying on top of ongoing compliance requirements may sound challenging, but with Aizen Consulting, we ensure your continuous compliance with tax regulations and other periodic obligations.

How Aizen Consulting proceeds

Picture this: You, accompanied by our dedicated project team.

Legal Guidance: our expert lawyer offers personalised legal advice to help you select the optimal business structure aligned with your goals.

Document Preparation: crafting documents, including articles of association, is like composing a symphony. Our skilled team ensures strict compliance with Turkish laws and regulations.

Notarization Support: imagine the peace of mind knowing that our team coordinates and facilitates the notarization process, ensuring the legitimacy of your essential documents.

Banking Assistance: opening a business bank account becomes a breeze with our project team guiding you every step of the way.

Registration Process: managing the seamless submission of documents to the Trade Registry Office is what we do best, ensuring your registration is successful and timely.

Licence and Permit Guidance: our business consultant provides valuable insights into additional licences or permits, making sure you have everything you need for specific business activities.

Tax Registration: navigating the process of obtaining a tax number becomes stress-free with our team, guiding you through registration with the local tax office.

Compliance Check: ensuring your company is aware of and adheres to ongoing regulatory and compliance requirements is second nature to our experienced team.

Chamber of Commerce Registration: our project team assists in registering your company with the local Chamber of Commerce, unlocking opportunities for networking and enhanced business services.

Social Security Registration: navigating the intricacies of registering your company and employees with the Social Security Institution becomes a smooth journey with our assistance.

Ongoing Support: experience continuous support from our team, addressing any questions, concerns, or changes that may arise during or after the company formation process.

Embark on a seamless and efficient company formation journey with Aizen Consulting by your side. Your success is not just a goal; it's our commitment.