Unveiling France's Top 10 Coffee Shop Chains: Turnover, Growth, and Market Insights

Unveiling France's Top 10 Coffee Shop Chains: Turnover, Growth, and Market Insights

Since the 17th century, the bustling cafes of France have been more than just purveyors of espresso and café crèmes—they have been the heart of communities, fostering social connections and relaxation. As of 2020, France boasted around 15 thousand coffee establishments, contributing to a retail sales figure surpassing 1.6 billion euros within cafes and coffee shops. Notably, cafes alone accounted for over 80% of this revenue, while catering services constituted more than half of the country's coffee sales.

The Average Coffee Consumer in France

Statistics from Statista's Consumer Market Outlook revealed insights into the profile of the French coffee consumer. Older demographics, particularly those aged between 45 and 54, represented around 27% of coffee drinkers in the country by December 2021. Additionally, the market's income distribution exhibited nearly equal proportions among low, medium, and high-income groups. However, the middle-income bracket retained a larger market share. Furthermore, gender-wise, women slightly outweighed men in their share of the coffee market in 2021.

COVID-19's Impact on the French Coffee Market

Despite the nation's significant coffee consumption habits—exemplified by yearly coffee imports surpassing 200 thousand metric tons—the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges. The pandemic led to a substantial decline in the French coffee market's revenue in 2020 compared to the previous year. This decline was underscored by a nearly eight-euro drop in the average price per unit of coffee, indicating the pandemic's toll on the sector.

Insights into Top Coffee Shop Chains


Brand Value Worldwide: 61.7 billion USD

Number of Stores in Europe: 3,075

Number of Stores in Paris: 35

Coffee Consumption

Total Value of Coffee Sales in France: 4.55 billion EUR

Average Volume of Coffee Consumed Per Capita: 3.5kg

Most Consumed Type of Coffee: Roast Coffee

Key Market Insights

Coffee Shop Chain with Most Stores in France: McCafé

Average Price of an Espresso in Main Chains: 1.84 EUR

Out-of-home Coffee Revenue Share in France: 82%

The forecast for the coffee segment of France's hot drinks market indicates continuous growth between 2023 and 2025, projecting an increase in revenue by 153.4 million Euros (+1.14 percent). By 2025, the estimated revenue is anticipated to reach 13.7 billion Euros.


France's love affair with coffee persists, reflecting not just a beverage preference but a cultural connection. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the resilience of coffee shop chains like Starbucks, along with insights into consumption trends and market forecasts, indicates a promising trajectory for the French coffee market in the years ahead.