Aizen Consulting can become your international business partner, helping you buy or sell goods and commodities in commercial quantities.

The best suppliers can provide you with the most appropriate goods or services at the most competitive prices, in the appropriate time frame for your specific business needs. Aizen Consulting identifies and invests in world-class suppliers to build your supply base.

We help companies source and sell thousands of goods from markets such as China, India, Turkey, Europe and Africa, covering a wide variety of product categories.

To start your international business journey with us, we will:

Document your organization's needs and requirements
Identify potential sources for you
Provide insight into discussions with suppliers Identify the final vendor
Make a purchasing decision

Our sourcing services include:

    • Development of a purchasing/supply strategy
    • Supplier identification - product or service
    • Contracts and negotiations
    • Supply chain management
    • Support Services 
    • International Procurement Office
    • Buyer Release Request/RFQ Services
    • Supplier Management